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Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarship Coverage
Tuition Fee :  Free
Accommodation Fee : Fee

Monthly Stipend   :        
Bachelors : 2500 CNY/Month 
Masters    :  3000 CNY/Month
PHD          :  3500 CNY/Month

Bachelors Available Major : (Duration : 4 Years)

2.General Administration
4.Chinese Language & Literature
5.Tourism Management
10.Information Management and Information Systems
11.Business Administration
13.Electronic Commercial Affairs
14.Agricultural/Forest Economy Management
15.Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
16.Information and Computing Science
17.Computer Science and Technology
18.Electronic and Information Engineering
19.Telecommunications Engineering
20.Network Engineering
21.Plant Protection
22.Forest Resources Conservation and Recreation
23.Landscape Gardening
24.Agricultural Resources and Environmental
25.Animal Science
26.Prataculture Science
27.Veterinary Medicine
28.Urban Planning
29.Architecture(5 Years)
30.Civil Engineering
31.Traffic Engineering
32.Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering
33.Water Conservancy Hydro power Engineering
34.Machinery Engineering and Automation
35.Traffic and Transportation
36.Agricultural Mechanization and its Automation
39.Research of Fine Arts
40.Artistic Design
41.Applied Psychology
42.Educational Technology
43.Elementary Education
44.Geographical Information System
45.Environmental Science
46.Applied Chemistry
47.Biological Sciences
48.Biological Science
49.Food Science and Engineering
50.Chemical Engineering and Technology
51.Pharmaceutical Engineering
52.Physical Education

Taught: English / Chinese

Location :  : Beijing/ Harbin/ Shaanxi/ Gansu/ Xinjiang/ Shanghai  

Duration : 
Bachelors : 4 Years
Masters    : 3 Years
PHD           : 4 Years

Masters Available Major : (Duration : 3 Years)

1.Political Economics
2.Population Resources and Environment Economics
3.Agricultural/Forest Economy Management
4.Business Administration
6.Chinese Philology 
7.Theory of Literature and art 
8.Comparative Literature and Welt literature
9.Chinese Modern and Contemporary History
10.Special History
11.English Language and Literature
12.Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
13.Applied Chemistry
14.Chemical Engineering
15.Humanity Geography
16.Physical Geography
18.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
19.Structural Engineering
20.Water Conservancy and Hydro power
21.Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering
22.Food Science 
23.Crop Genetics and Breeding
26.Agricultural Extermination of Disease and Insect Pest
27.Prataculture Science
28.Clinical Veterinary Medicine
30.Utilization Science of Agricultural Resources
32.Educational Principle 
33.Curriculum and Teaching Methodology
34.Applied Psychology
35.Educational Technology
36.Chinese Ancient History
38.Computer Application Technology
39.Electric Circuit and System 
40.Solid Mechanics 
41.Mechanical Electronics Engineering
42.Chinese Ethnic Art (Music)
43.Chinese Traditional Ethnic Sports Culture
44.Chinese Ethnic Art (painting)

PHD / Doctoral : (Duration : 4 Years)

1. Grass Science
2. History of China’s Ethnic Minorities
3. Water Conservancy and Hydropower
4. Zootechnical science
5. Mathematics 

Required Documents

Bachelors :

1. Application form
2. Foreign physical examination form
3. Copy of passport
4. Copy of academic certificate
5. Study plan (at least 400 words)
6. At least one recommendation letter
7. Two-inch photo with white background

Masters and PHD :

1. High school transcripts
2. Passport
3. Photograph
4. Physical Examination Form
5. Police Character Certificate
6. Bachelor Degree and Transcript (For Master Applicants) Notarised
7. Master Degree and Transcript (For PhD Applicants) Notarised
8. 2 recommendation letters from professor or associate professor
9. study plan. 10. English proficiency Certificate
11. CV

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